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bring back a nice gift from our arena and support your local arcade.


One day gift pass 2016+2017
Gift tickets to our Arena. You can use this ticket to get admittance and then you can play untill we close.
Price 200 CZK.

Tetris lamp
Finally a lamp which can be assembled from any combination of cubes with electrical conduits on their sides so that all the cubes are shining brightly. A manual and a socket power source are parts of the licensed package in a nice box. It is possible to combine two or more of these lamps allowing for creation of 3D setups.
Price 900 CZK.

Pac-Man Ghost lamp
Pac-Man Ghost USB lamp changing 16 colors (including party mode). Official product by Paladone. Dimension of lamp is 20 x 20 cm.
Price 700 CZK.

Super Mario Mug
A gaming mug with Mario. The mug is changing its color based on the temperature of beverage inside. Licensed package with a box.
Price 220 CZK.

License plate pads
Two pieces of back-plates for standard Czech license plate. Those are meant for our biggest fans as the sign on them reads "I love ArcadeHry".
Price 200 CZK for 2 pieces.

ArcadeHry Mug
Stylish coffee or tea mug with the logo of our project, two designs available.
Price 180 CZK.

ArcadeHry Magnets
Magnet with pictures of famous arcade cabinets: Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Space Invaders. Dimension of magnets are 7 x 4 cm.
Price 180 CZK for set of 4 pieces, price 50 CZK for 1 piece.

ArcadeHry T-shirt
Black T-shirt made of cotton with logo of our project. Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
Price 400 CZK

ArcadeHry T-shirt SKELETON
Black T-shirt made of cotton with logo of our project in LIMITED EDITION ARCADE FOR EVER SKELETON. Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
Price 400 CZK

Pac-Man pendant
A well known figure of Pac-Man which is making sounds from this famous game if pressed. Licensed package.
Price 150 CZK.

ArcadeHry pendant
Round logo of our project of PVC as a pendant.
Price 40 CZK.

ArcadeHry bracelet
Bracelet made of 100% silicone with embossed logo of our project in four colors. Bracelet width is 12 mm.
Price 30 CZK.

10 admissions pass
Buy a 10 admission pass where you pay only 8 admissions and you get 2 more free as a acknowledgement. There is the owner's name on the reverse, which is going to be checked and each entrance would be permanently marked on the pass. Therefore it is possible for your friend, fiance or child to use your pass in order to enter Arena. You can use this pass even beyond the year 2013. It is valid until you use all admissions. You are not allowed to use this pass as a "group discount" and use whole pass at once.
Price 1600 CZK.

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